Monday, October 25, 2010

The Best Advice Ever

Here it is, day one of my job transition.  I have the entire week off before I start my new job.  This past weekend my mom told me to make sure that I did not use this time for housework.  Seriously, my mom is telling me not to do housework.  I love it!Apparently when my dad switched jobs this summer, he spent his week off working around the house and when Monday morning of the new job came, he felt like he did not have any time off.  This is not to say that I should let my house fall to shambles for the week, or allow my dear hubby to take double load, just that I shouldn't spend the average working day taking care of housework.
This means that I will be using this wonderful week for things that I normally don't have time for, but really want to do.  There are several things on my agenda for the day.
1.) Go for a very short run (I used to be a runner and was hoping to train for a marathon.  I had worked my way up to eight miles on a trail of hills - not quite a marathon, but good for me.  Unfortunately a year ago I injured myself and have not been able to run since.  After many visits with chiropractors, physical therapists, a sports physician and some X-rays and an MRI I had no answers.  Then a few weeks ago I visited a quack doctor (that's what I call her) and she suggested that I had a wheat intolerance.Really, my hips hurt because I eat wheat? Well, now about a month into my nearly wheat gluten-free diet and my hip pain has made more positive progress than in the past year of many doctor visits.  Perhaps I should reconsider calling my doctor a quack doctor).  So after a year of not running, or exercising, I would like to go for a tiny jog to see how the hip fares.  We are really talking a tiny jog, because any backwards progress and I might ask to have the thing amputated.
2.)  Take a yoga class.  Prior to the injury mentioned above, I was an avid yoga-goer.  I fell into it my accident when my apartment offered free classes.  Then with my injury and moving in with my husband after our wedding, I stopped going.  I have yet to find a studio near our home, but I am willing to travel a bit to get back into yoga.
3.)  Do some knitting!  Yes, I would love to finish my sweater before Thanksgiving.  For many knitters that may be no lofty goal, but apparently I am not one of those people.  I so enjoy knitting and am not one seeking instant gratification, so if it takes me a month more to finish this project, it will be all smiles the whole way.
4.)  If I am feeling extra ambitious I might visit a new-to-me yarn shop to get inspiration for my current and future projects.  But with an entire week off, I should save some joy for later in the week.
Who knew a list of four things to do could actually turn into a four paragraphs?  Being new at this whole blogging adventure I was worried about starting something because I might not have anything to say.  Well I can safely tuck that argument away with the past.

Lastly, I will give you readers (which may only be myself at the moment) a glimpse of my knitting progress.  I was able to finish the back of the sweater that I am working on.  The fall leaves are there because I love fall (and because my loving husband told me that my sweater is the same color as our deck stain) but really more because I love fall.


  1. Love it, I think you should post the dress you made to the wedding you went to. It is amazing!

  2. Oh thanks, you are so sweet. I just need to take some pictures of it first. The pictures from the wedding make it difficult to see what the dress looks like, but I will get something up soon!