Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Little on the Wild Side

Although I would love to share more knitting wonderfulness with you, I found a little mistake in my knitting and am currently unraveling - not something I am delighted to share.  So instead, I have some sewing to share with you!

While at a networking event for the job I no longer hold :) I met a darling named Lorinda.  She mentioned that she was on the hunt for a new business card holder.  Preferably one that was not metal, and that could hold more than 15 cards - and she would like it match her lovely zebra-print business cards.

Since I had just mentioned to the group that I was getting back in touch with my crafty/creative side it was suggested that I make something for Lorinda.  Immediately, I knew exactly how I was going to tackle the situation.  Yes, I would love to make something for you!  Meanwhile, my mind was searching through the many many archives of blogs and tutorials that I had stumbled across this past summer.

Very Purple Person created some wonderful wallet tutorials, and her mini wallet would be perfect for a business card holder.  So the night before my next networking meeting, I set to work cutting fabric, ironing folds and sewing.  This did not take long at all, and even my dear hubby was impressed with the quick turnaround.

Here is the inside of the card wallet with Lorinda's business card.  (They match quite well if you ask me!)

The outside of the card wallet - my only modification to the pattern was to create a fabric loop for the button rather the elastic recommended by the tutorial.

The back of the card wallet when open, along side the business card.

A little plug for Lorinda's business Daizy & Co - see her for wonderful ideas on marketing your business.

I hope to have some tutorials of my own to post soon.  My mind is currently on and idea for Christmas - a little early I know, but by the time I create the tutorial and post it, it will most likely be mid December.  I promise to have other updates between now and then.

Enjoy your day!


  1. That looks great!! I love it, I can't wait to come home next year and we can craft together!! How much fun would that be. It would be like old times... haha.

  2. I can't wait for you to move back to MN either! Hopefully our creative endeavors will be slightly more successful than our purses and pajama pants.