Friday, October 29, 2010

Blue and Orange

When I found out that my cousin was pregnant last winter, I was so excited.  She and her husband were the first to have a baby in our family.  The last baby was my brother, who is now 18!  Part of the reason that I was so excited was because babies are just so darn cute.

But, I was also pumped on the idea of a baby in the family because I love the idea of being able to make things - like quilts, blankets, clothes, hats, booties, etc.  Really, the list could go on forever.  However, even with all of the excitement, I procrastinated until right before the shower.  I just wasn't sure what I wanted to make. 

After searching some wonderful blogs, I found Cluck Cluck Sew and her blog where she created Ben's Quilt.  I wanted to do something similar - but on a smaller scale as it was to be a crib quilt.  I used the Orange Quilt tutorial for creating my quilt.  Mommy let me know that Baby's colors were blue and orange.

So I set out to find just the right fabric.  The tricky part was the orange.  Most of the oranges that I looked at screamed hunting opener or trick or treat.  Plus, most of them were very floral.  Not that one can't use floral prints in a quilt for a sweet baby boy, but there are those prints that automatically make any project look like it just belongs to a girl.  So I settled on these cute prints.

My favorite print is the cream fabric with orange and blue dots.  It's called Lulu Dot - even the name is adorable.  Unfortunately, all that was left was a remnant, so I bought all 3/4 of a yard.  It mostly went to the quilt, I have a small about left over and I hope to find just the right project for it.

So, true to who I am when it comes to projects, I finished the hand quilting and binding the day of the shower.  Really, I only procrastinate and finish things last minute when it comes to craft projects.  I threw the quilt in the dryer for about five minutes while I got dressed.  Then quickly snapped these two pictures and ran out the door.

Sorry that these photos are not the greatest, being in a hurry is a terrible thing.

I love how the hand quilting turned out.  In both pictures you can just make out the little hearts that I quilted into the center of each square.

Mommy and Baby are both happy with  the quilt, and I am going to make a promise to myself to not do more of these projects last minute.  I am already starting on some ideas for my SIL who is not even pregnant, but who wants to be.  That should be enough time, right?

Enjoy your day!

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