Friday, February 4, 2011

What I'm Working on

I thought it would be nice to share a little of my knitting progress.  Currently I'm working on a lovely 1950's sweater.  I found the pattern a while ago on Faded Splendour - and I am so glad I downloaded it because the website doesn't appear to be up any more.

Here is a picture of the original, it was knit in white with red accents.
I think that this pattern is so sweet and lovely, I can't wait to finish it.  However it uses a size 2 needle with sock yarn (which is typical of vintage patterns) so it will take me a while to finish.

My progress so far . . .

I have this sweater and my swing dress to finish by the end of this month so I can be ready to start to 1940's Briar Rose knit along with By Gum By Golly.

A close up of some of the detail.  I think that blocking will help bring out the cris-crosses.

No sure if I can do it all, but I am going to try!

Live the moment, love life!


  1. It's really a pretty color. I am really impressed, with your ability to knit. Amazing!

  2. Why thank you for the sweet words!