Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inspiration: Future Projects

My dear readers, I admit that now that my Swing Dress is completed I have been in a bit of a project funk.  While I am slowly knitting my sweater for Tasha's knit-along, that is the only thing on my plate.  

I wanted to start working towards something, knowing full well that I wasn't quite ready to jump into another sewing project.  So, I started a project that I have been wanting to do for a while now - an inspiration scrapbook.  While for some, their blog list is enough of an inspiration keeper, I wanted something that would hold ideas for specific projects that I wanted to work on in the future.

Casey's 30s Sweetheart knickers inspired me to consider creating vintage lingerie.  This led to my purchase of the   German pattern magazine and the Anne Adams slip.

My first step was printing out a few pictures of patterns I had.  These are patterns that I desire to use, but the timing is just not right for me.  I then gathered other images and tutorials that would relate to these projects.  Some of them involve complicated techniques or just things that I have not yet encountered in my short sewing career. 

Colette had a darling series on lingerie details.  They also have a great post on silk fabrics, which I plan to use for at least one of these lingerie projects!
Keeping everything to be in one place and written down is the key.  This way, if I don't get around to a certain pattern for another year I won't have spend hours searching the internet for that technique that I wanted to use or a picture of inspiration.

When I saw this pattern on eBay, I had to have it.  Lucky for me, I was the only bidder.  Since I was a little nervous about sewing a coat, I looked online for someone who could offer some advice - who better than Gertie?
The joys and convenience of the internet are great, but I am still very much a paper and pen kinda gal.  Writing something down and being able to hold it in my hands and transport with ease far outweighs what the internet has to offer.  However, this little project of my is a blending of both lovely worlds.
A sneak peak at the progress of my sweater for the knit-along!
Here are some of the links I mentioned for the above projects.
12 Lovely Lingerie Details - Colette Patterns
Silk Fabrics - Colette Patterns
Thirties Sweetheart - Casey's Elegant Musings
Wool Fabrics - Colette Patterns
Gertie's Coat - Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing

What do you do to organize your inspiration and future projects?  What are your greatest sources of inspiration?

Live the moment, love life!


  1. Love your inspiration book! You're inspiring me to start my own!!

  2. Love scrapbooks, and that sweater is coming along too!!!

  3. Love the scrapbook think its about time i filled a book with my cuttings

  4. Wow! I love your notebook. I have something similar in my brain, but that's all I have for now. I do have a collection of web pages bookmarked, and an idea for a cork board that I could pin photos and fabric scraps to. Maybe one of these days I'll make the leap from imaginary to physical?

  5. @Debi
    Debbie, I am so glad that this may inspire you! So much of your beautiful sewing has been an inspiration to me.

  6. @Miss P
    Portia, you strike me as someone who might like scrapbooks. The sweater has been coming along quite easy so far - I think you will notice the same:)

  7. @Miss 1940
    Miss 1940, I definitely encourage you to do the same. It is so nice to have things in one place, and I don't feel rushed to complete a project while something is on my mind.

  8. @lunachick265
    Lunachick265, thanks for the scrapbook love! I am eager to see your cork board idea - so make that leap from imaginary to physical!

  9. Annabelle, this is such a good idea. I have a little scrapbook but never thought of putting some of the web pages down in the book to remember things. The only thing I have done lately is put a big 2x4 basket in my sewing room. My counter was getting so cluttered with future projects. Right now, it has two skirts and a dress in it. So whenever I want to do some work I pull out what I want. I read today about building your wardrobe and making decisions that way, it was very helpful to me to decide what to do next! Have a great day!

  10. @Vintage Girl
    I'm glad you enjoyed my idea. What a great thought to keep current projects in a basket to prevent clutter and allow for easy access. (My husband would like if I did something organized like that).