Saturday, March 5, 2011

Missing: One Beloved Mitten

This past February I lost one mitten . . . from my favorite pair of mittens.  Everyday for two weeks I checked the lost-and-found for my mitten with no resolve.  February was a cold month and as part of my mourning I went to work everyday with only one mitten (okay, I wasn't mourning - I just couldn't find my other pair and one warm hand is better than none).

Normally to lose a pair (or half of a pair) of mittens isn't that big of a deal, find a different pair in your closet or go buy some.  BUT - these were the first pair of mittens that I had ever knit and it was my first project where I decided to buy some nice yarn, you know, at a yarn shop rather than Joann's.  I seriously wore these mittens every day during winter (which is about nine months in Minnesota).

For some reason I think of a bearskin rug when I wear these mittens.  They are not fur, they are polar fleece . . .
These mittens were a first in many other ways as well - my first time using DPNs and the first (and only) color work project I had ever completed.  So as you can see, upon losing my mitten, there was reason for some self-pity.  I really wanted to find the missing one!  Reality soon set in and I started wearing my only other pair of mittens.  They were a Christmas gift from my mom - and although they are warm, I don't particularly like them (sorry mom!).

My husband suggested just making one mitten to make up for the lost one - unfortunately I did not have any yarn left and the yarn has since been discontinued (I've had these mittens for years).

Just this week I checked out a yarn outlet (everything half off!!!).  I found the exact same brand of yarn as my mittens.  They did not carry the colors of the original mittens I had knit, but I found a new set of colors that I might like even more.  So there is some hope - next fall I will have a new favorite pair of mittens - and I am happy.

It was difficult to capture the colors on camera, but it is a slate grey, lemon yellow and lime green.  
Ever lost something handmade that you loved?  Do you have a favorite article of clothing that you made?

Live the moment, love life!



  1. Oh so sad!! I think I remember when you finished those? If they are the ones I was thinking of when we lived near each other. That stinks that you can't find ONE! I lost a mitten once, so I bought the exact same pair, so now I have 3 of the same mitten. Unfortunately I am not as talented as you, so I have not made my mittens. Maybe one mitten wearing will be a trend now! :) Miss you.

  2. Yes, those are the mittens I finished when you were still here. (I can't believe you remember that).

  3. Oh, sorry about that, I hate losing things. I am glad you found the yarn for them, just more work I know! Two winters ago I lost my favorite brown hat and gloves. I never found them, I miss them a whole bunch, good luck on making the next one.

  4. Vintage Girl - such a bummer about losing your favorite hat and brown gloves. It's even harder to lose something when you know it isn't easily replaceable. Making another set of mittens will take some work - but I love knitting - so at least I'll enjoy the process. Since I've used the pattern before there shouldn't be any surprises.