Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Awards

A while ago, my dear friend Cherie passed the Stylish Blogger Award to me.  I delayed officially accepting the award by posting about it, because I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to share about myself.  Eight things that others might find of interest.

Well, I can't promise to captivate you with thoughts of myself, but I'll give it a go.

1)  The first thing I ever sewed was a dress for my barbie when I like five.  It was pink fabric with strawberries on it.  Unfortunately, I didn't knot either end, so it fell apart before I even got her dressed.  (I've come a long way in my sewing skills, but oh so much more to learn)

2) I made my husband wait almost four months into our relationship before I let him kiss me.  The poor guy didn't know what to think.  But now he's my husband and I kiss him all the time :)

3)  Both of my mother's parents were born in Ukraine, meaning that I am 50% Ukrainian.  I love my Ukrainian heritage and think it adds to my awesomeness.  Two years ago I had a chance to go to the village of Brody where my Dido (grandpa) grew up.  I was able to meet some of my distant relatives who were some of the most welcoming , warm people I have ever met.

4)  I have a terrible sweet tooth and blame my dad completely for it.  Growing up, he always made sure we had frosting to put on our muffins for breakfast.  He also makes the best apple pie and apple crisp ever.  Basically, nothing is too sweet for me and I cannot pass up desert.

My dad is the one in the suit and tie with the overly happy expression on his face.
5)  Melted cheese is just disgusting (according to my taste buds).  Most people think I am just weird when I mention this, but I am not alone.  My sister and I have been known to order a pepperoni pizza - hold the cheese.  When I'm not the one ordering the pizza, I will peal off the cheese and place the pepperonis back on my bread and sauce.  Sometimes the person next to me is lucky enough to be the beneficiary of my discarded cheese.  BUT, cold pizza the next day with the cheese is just delicious.

6)  I used to be a runner and loved everything about it.  Then I got injured (from running) and faced a slew of other issues that impacted my ability to run.  It has been almost two years since I was able to  run.  I really, really hope that I can start running again soon, because I miss it dearly.

7)  I sing all of the time - in the car, in the shower, while knitting and sewing, on walks, in the grocery store.  I am not good at singing, but it brings me joy anyway so I do it.  Music can have such power to get you to change how you see the world before you.  I am thankful that my adoring husband puts up with it and never tells me how awful I really do sound.

8) Live the moment, love life.  This is how I end all of my posts, because it really encompasses the way I try to live my life.  I believe that life is short - and can sometimes be cut even shorter than expected.  The only way to really live without regrets is to take each day as it comes and remember to choose to live with what we are given.  I recently came across this video by Jenny from Addison Road, describing their new song "Don't Wait" and it is exactly in line with how I want to live:

Did I hold you captive to my words?  Well even if not, I would like to thank my darling friend Cherie of One Heart Scrapper for giving me the opportunity to share a little of myself with you.  Her lovely blog is dedicated to her hobby of scrap booking and I have enjoyed seeing her beautiful creations.

Now I get to pass this onto other wonderful blogs.  Most of the blogs that I want to pass this onto have already won the award.  (I know this means that I should probably find other bloggers to award, but you are my favorites and I can't change that).

I would award the Stylish Blogger Award to:

Casey's Elegant Musings - I love Casey's blog.  It is her blog that inspired me to start my own blog - as well as rediscover my love for being creative.

Sewaholic - Tasia has to be one of the most adorable people in this world.  She has an amazing blog where she shares sewing tips and posts her recent project.  She has also launched her own pattern line with huge success.

My Happy Sewing Place - Debi is fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers.  She participates in the Sew Weekly challenges, which means every week she is whipping up a fantastic new outfit.

Miss P - This doll, Portia, was one of the first blogs I started following after starting my blog.  She is an adoring mother of her Little Tornado.  Recently her postings have shared a wealth of sewing knowledge.  She is also leading the draft along that I am so excited to be a part of.

Vintage Girl - A true beauty, Gina's blog shares her passion for all things vintage.  She is a loving mommy who lives in an adorable old farm house.  Her sewing is always fresh and lovely.

A Few Threads Loose - Anna is like a kindred spirit to me.  I discovered her blog through BurdaStyle and had to become a follower because we seemed to be drawn to the same type of sewing projects.  Although, I must point out that she is much more fantastic than me at actually completing projects.

The lovely Katja Of Dreams and Seams also nominated me for the Liebster Award.  She is really new to blogging and I already love what she has to share.  The neatest thing she did was recreate a 1950s ten piece travel set for summer.  Now she is working on designing an modern ten piece travel set for winter. It is coming along great and I can't wait to see the rest of the collection.

This award is for newer blogs with less than 300 followers.  The award is to spread the word about other blogs that you may not have yet discovered.  There are definitely a few blogs that I would love for you to check out:

The first is Anna from Malmikon Palmikot.  She is starting a sewing and knitting journey and has done beautifully so far.  Personally, I am in love with this dress that she recently sewed.

Also deserving of this award is Lunachick.  I found her through the swing dress sew along with Casey.  She is participating in the 30 X 30 Remix Challenge that some bloggers are doing and I love this outfit post that she did for it.

Also, A Few Threads Loose, Vintage Girl and Miss P are my other recipients of this award.

Thanks for the awards ladies!  Sorry for the world's longest post.

Live the moment, love life!


  1. Wow! I'm so flattered! Thank you! I'm having so much fun blogging, and now I get to spread the joy. Thanks again!

  2. Annabelle, you are such a sweetheart. Thankyou!

    I love melted cheese!

    How fabulous to have such great heritage and to be able to go back and meet your extended family. Lovely. Your dad sounds like a real sweetheart too.


  3. You're the best Annabelle! Thank you so much!

    I think my first outfit tries were with barbies too, although I never got to the sewing part, I simply tied the things to hold them on.

    Have a great day! And thanks again!

  4. @lunachick265

    Lunachick - I have really enjoyed reading your blog and am more than happy to share in your joy!

  5. @Miss P

    Portia, it delights me to tell others say nice things about you and your blog. It has been wonderful to connect with you these past few months.

    I really am lucky to have ties to my heritage the way that I do. My trip was absolutely life changing.

  6. @Anna

    Anna - I am seriously excited to see more of your work and I think other bloggers need to see it too. So glad to spread the word about your blog.

    It's so funny the way little girls try to make clothes for their barbies. Tying stuff together sounds quite ingenious for a little girl, far more advanced than my pathetic attempt!