Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sears Plain & Fancy Knitting - Free Vintage Patterns!

I just have to start out by saying that I love Tuesday nights (trust me, I realize that I am posting this on Wednesday).  Tuesdays delight me because I have the chance to go to my favorite yarn shop and knit with all of my knitting friends.  It was less than a year ago (actually about the time I started this blog) that I stumbled upon these wonderful ladies.

Weekly they share their wisdom on life (I am one of the younger ones in the group), stash advice and knitting tips.  They are even sweet enough to point me in the direction of vintage patterns, as they know this is something that I am a bit obsessed with at the moment.

Their most recent tip lead me to the Sears Plain & Fancy knitting book.  It's a 50+ page book with knitting patterns.  I can't find a date anywhere, but my best guess says twenties or early thirties.  Since it will probably be a year before I knit up anything from this wonderful book, and I am much too eager to wait a year to share this information with you, I needed to write this post and get the information out.  Clicking on the link should bring you to a website full of knitting resources - you will want to click on the Sears Plain & Fancy Knitting (eBook).

I hope you enjoy these patterns.  Please do tell me if you happen to knit any of them up.  I can't wait to try one for myself.

Do any of you have a wonderful group in your life, like my little knitting group?  I would love to hear all about it.

Live the moment, love life!


  1. Thanks for the link, Annabelle :) I'm looking forward to starting on some new sweaters as soon as the weather cools off!

  2. ConstantlyAlice I am so glad you like the link. I would love it if you would share anything you create :)

  3. I will! And I've forwarded this on to a friend who loves to knit. We'll be sure to share the finished projects :)