Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Take Me to Hawaii" Dress!

Hello my beautiful readers!  So this is my Lonsdale dress from Tasia's sew along.

While I was shopping for fabric for this dress I came across a blue rayon that I thought would be perfect for a 1940s style play suit.  Then I had to remind myself that I was shopping for the sew along and not for fabric that would be perfect for a pattern I didn't even have.  This happens almost every time that  I go fabric shopping.  BUT, this time the fabric would also work for my intended project.  (Happiness!)

The whole while that I was working on this dress, it appeared to me that I needed to where it in Hawaii.  Really, wouldn't you readers have the same thoughts?  It was so light and airy, and the print was meant to be worn on a beautiful island.  Well friends, as I was checking the last of Tasia's posts, I noticed another blogger had posted this.  That's right, I will be wearing this dress in Hawaii!  (Now don't worry, I don't go around stalking bloggers and planing vacations around where they reside.  Cherie and I have actually been friends since high school).

You may have noticed that I'm a little late in finishing my dress for the sew along.  Well, I was only able finish my dress this weekend because my dearest was out of town.  (He keeps me from sewing more than he knows).  I was delighted that I was able to finish it while he was gone.  However, this meant that I was out again to take my own pictures with the self timer.  They didn't turn out as great as this previous post - but I think that was because the park was insanely busy.  There is just something about holding a pose for ten seconds as a family of six goes by on there bikes, followed by Mr. Tri-athlete on his twenty mile jog, and then the couple that thinks the bike path is lovers lane.  Yikes - note to self, next time find a more secluded spot for photos.

I'm pulling aside the willow branches so you can see my face :)
There are many other wonderful versions of this dress.  Please stop by Tasia's blog to view the rest!
This was one of those more awkward poses to hold as a slew of people passed by.
I would love to know from those of you who put self portraits of yourself on your blogs - do you take your own photos or do you have someone help you out?  Any advice for doing the ol' self-timer bit?

Live the moment, love life!


  1. This is lovely! Very nice.

    Oh! And I just noticed in your intro that you have a wheat intolerance. We do here too amongst other things. Hopefully dietary changes will bring very positive results and the learning curve won't be too long. Have a nice day.

  2. Hi Caroline, thanks for the comment! Yes, the wheat intolerance is not fun, but I have found a lot of good substitutes that make it much easier.

  3. Thanks for your comment. :) It does get easier, and we feel like we eat alot more variety now than before.

    The jacket that goes with my skirt is in this post :

  4. I immediately recognized this as a Lonsdale dress (I followed the sew along but didn't participate - sadly I can't do that neckline). You did a great job on yours! So cute! And quite perfect for an island vacation! I know what you mean about the awkward posing. I always feel like people walking by are thinking "what is that crazy girl smiling at?" Generally, I have my DFiance take the photos... inside... where no one can give me funny looks lol. Your photos came out well though :)

  5. Adorable, hon :) This dress looks great on you!

  6. Jennifer, your encouragement means a lot. I should try to drag my hubby into more photo sessions - he is usually pretty willing. And sticking indoors is a good suggestion.

  7. You are just so sweet ConstantlyAlice. I appreciate your thoughts.

  8. Love it AB! You are amazing!! You will have to help me make one... you know so we can wear matching dresses when you come and visit me!! See you in a 2 weeks!!

    Oh, and I passed along a blog award to you. Swing by and pick it up!

  9. My dear Cherie, I am thrilled that you like the dress - it will be perfect for visiting you in Hawaii! But of course, I am just as excited to visit you in a few weeks. Thanks for the blog award, I will post it soon :)