Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apple Orchard Blouse

Oh, I must confess: I've had this shirt finished for nearly three months.  Back in June it was sitting on my sewing table with the pins in the bottom hem just waiting for me to sew up that last line of stitches.  Then there was the morning of desperation - nothing to wear!  This happens to me frequently as I don't have a lot of clothes and sometimes life slips away and I can't believe how long its been since I've done laundry.

So there I was, panicking about being late for work with absolutely nothing to wear.  My eyes scanned the room and I spotted my almost finished blouse patiently waiting for those last stitches.  Hysteria came over me and I started madly pulling out the pins as I rushed down the stairs.  I dropped the handful of pins on the kitchen table and out the door I went . . . only finding one more pin on my commute to work.  I safely tucked the unfinished edges into my skirt and no one knew my little secret.

Pretty sure my eyes are open here, but just barely!
An in all honesty, that was not the only time I wore the blouse prior to finishing it.  However, I figured before diving into my Fall Palette Challenge, it was only appropriate that I complete my almost done project (especially since it had already gotten so much use, that I knew it would be well worth it to finish it).

Many of you probably recognize this as Tasia's Pendrell modified using Casey's scalloped collar tutorial.  I love Tasia's patterns, and I am so excited to sew up another  Pendrell for my fall wardrobe.  Ever since I saw Casey's Modern Thirties I knew I needed one for myself.  Of course, Casey was such a sweetie to take the time to write a well thought out tutorial that was so easy to follow.  I just love this blouse.

Only because there were signs that said "Do Not Climb Trees"
did I feel compelled to do so!
Every good photographer deserves a mug shot from time to time.
Live the moment, love life!


  1. Love, as always!! I can't believe that I get to see you on THURSDAY!! Get excited!

  2. Thanks Cherie - you are the best. I am beyond excited to visit you! It is going to be a great time - even Matt is looking forward to it :)

  3. The Pendrell is next on my list! I've got the pattern traced off and maybe I'll cut into the fabric ... today? Casey's modification is so pretty and so is your version. I bet you will get alot of use!

    Your story about wearing it half finished made me laugh - in high school I made a velvet jacket for my senior banquet, but banquet time rolled around and it did not yet have buttons or button holes .So I pinned the placket closed from the inside and wore it anyway and no one was the wiser....

  4. This blouse is too cute! I just adore the scalloped neckline! (This one is definitely on my "to buy" list, just as soon I can get over paying more than $3 for a pattern.) And what a funny story! Now, I'm sure this will become a go-to top instead of an out-of-desperation choice :)

  5. Thanks Jennifer, I know what you mean about not spending more than $3.00 for a pattern. I loved the Pendrell blouse right away, but couldn't bring myself to buy it until it kept popping up everywhere and I felt I had to have it.

  6. Caroline, I am so glad to see that the Pendrell is next on your list. I can't wait to see what you do with it. So great that you had a similar story with your jacket - you will find that this is very typical me ;)

  7. I love the fabric you chose for this blouse :) I saw Casey's Pendrell tutorial and it's been on my list of items to sew ever since! (I just wish that list wasn't so darn long ;)

  8. Ha, I know what you mean ConstantlyAlice, my sewing list will keep my busy for the next ten years (granted nothing else will inspire me between now and then - which is unlikely, so basically I have enough projects for life). I still have some fabric left over from this blouse that I need to find a project for . . .