Thursday, September 8, 2011

Modern Taste with Vintage Appeal: Colette Fall Palette Challenge

Yikes!  I am already feeling a little behind in this challenge, but I wanted to get some solid plans on the board.  If you remember from my previous post, I had decided on three colors - teal, brown and pumpkin. I also wanted to make things that I can wear every day to work.  What is most lacking in my closet is tops, but I could also use another skirt.

First up is a teal Pendrell.  This was the easiest decision because I bought this lovely silk charmeuse a while ago specifically to make the Pendrell in view A.

After digging through my modest pattern stash I found this pattern.  (It was the first pattern I ever bought on eBay - there wasn't a single other bidder so it was only $4.00)  It's a 1940s skirt and blouse.

I love this pattern.  The front welt pockets are the perfect detail and the simple A-line shape is so classic.
I will definitely plan on making the skirt in knee length.  I found the perfect wool for it.  Wool is one of my favorite fabrics to use.  I only have five completed projects to date - and two of them are made from wool.

Here is a close up of my wool fabric.  It was hard to pick up the color on my camera -
but it is more brown than what this picture is showing.
Now, what I am having trouble with is finding my pumpkin colored fabric.  I browsed my usual favorite stash, and in desperation made a trip to Joann's.  Still, I was unable to find the perfect fabric.  I was even willing to expand to cranberry or summer squash yellow.  No luck.  So the last piece is still a little up in the air, however I know that I would like to make the blouse from the above 1940s pattern.

It feels good to have some plans in place, I think this will help me stick to the challenge.  Do any of you have trouble finding the perfect fabric for any of your sewing plans?  Does this cause you to put your project on hold, or settle for something that you don't quite want?  Or are you lucky enough to find something better than your original plan?  I am curious, finding the perfect fabric for my sewing is one of my biggest struggles.

Live the moment, love life!


  1. I suggest They have a good selection, reasonable prices, free shipping over $35 AND if you're very tactile (like me!) you can order a swatch first before you commit to buy. Good luck!

  2. Thanks ConstantlyAlice! I will have to try (I've never purchased fabric online before, but thanks for the heads-up about ordering a swatch).