Sunday, October 16, 2011

1940's Knit it in Kiss Stitch

This is my new favorite sweater!  I cast on last winter, but put it on hold to participate in Tasha's Briar Rose Knit Along since both sweaters called for my size 3 needles.  Once I finished my Briar Rose, I wasn't too much in the mood for knitting with the uncharacteristically hot summer we had.  Now that fall is here, I made it point to finish this sweater.

Maybe it's the knitted lace edging, or the delicate detailing of the stitches, or that fact that it's a fuzzy pink sweater, but I am loving wearing this.  I even made it a point to use some of Emma's snap fasteners to close up the neck opening in the back - it has been fun trying to incorporate some of her sewing notions into as many projects as I can.

A close up of the stitch details.
Finishing this darling little sweater has me really excited to start my next knitting project.  I still haven't decided if it will be another sweater or some stockings, but either project will be a fun knit.

The pattern is from the 1940's and is called Knit it in Kiss Stitch.  You can find it for free on Faded Splendour's website.  This was really fun to knit up, I loved how the criss-cross stitches kept things interesting.

Live in this moment and love life!


  1. Oh, this is really pretty and fits you so well and is so feminine! I love the edging on the sleeves and the ribbon threaded through the lacework.

    I'm working on finishing a shrug (the first "sweater" I've made for myself) but it is really simple - and I'm thinking something in lacework would be so much more practical for Texas heat ... I'll have to check out this pattern. I would love a pretty lacework pullover. But size 3 needles!!! That would take forever. And my knitting skills are definitely behind yours.

    Have a good week!!

  2. Caroline, I am delighted by your sweet words! A shrug sounds like a great "first sweater" project, I can't wait to see the finished garment. Size 3 needles can sound intimidating, but I promise it was not that bad. The great thing about vintage patterns is that they are more fitted and shorter in length - it's almost like knitting children's clothing. If you try out this pattern, let me know.

  3. Oh, it's so pretty! I adore the little cross crosses and the edging. You really did a beautiful job!

  4. That is so fantastic! I love the interesting pattern stitch, and the ribbon and contrast edging details. Looks fabulous on you!

  5. Thanks Jennifer! It makes me happy to read your comment.

  6. Wow Tasha, it means a lot to received such a wonderful compliment from a talented knitted like yourself.

  7. Beautiful color, great touches (the ribbon and the lace edging) just an adorable sweater all around. Wonderful job!

  8. ConstantlyAlice, your generous words are so encouraging. Thank you.