Sunday, January 15, 2012

1930's Jumper

Oh, it has been too long since I've actually posted a finished project - and this is still not the post for that.  I've been working on some knitting and thought it would be fun to share my progress on that - since it has been distracting me from sewing lately.

I've been working on a 1930's jumper with a delicate lace pattern from the yarn I bought back in September.  It's been a challenge to do my first lace pattern, and I can honestly say that I've been doing just about as much reverse knitting as actual knitting.  However, I am still really pleased with my progress and can't wait to have this sweater finished.  I'm at the point where the pattern says I should start the armhole decreases, but I need to decide how much more knitting I want to do before starting the armhole shaping.

Here's what the sweater looks like right now.
And this is what the pattern should look like.
As I mentioned above, I am still trying to decide how much more knitting that I want to do on this.  From looking at other 1930's sweaters, it looks like the bottom ribbing ends at the natural waist and the sweater has a loose fit above that ribbing.

I am pointing to my natural waist, showing also that there is
still some knitting before I can start the armhole shaping.
What really surprised me when I went to try this on, was how much ease there is.  With my gauge swatch, I had more stitches to the inch than the suggested gauge - implying that if I made no changes, the sweater would come out on the small side. As you can see from the photo below, there is still plenty of ease in this sweater.

A bit more ease than I expected
Just for fun, I thought that I would point out that my dental floss is actually thicker than the yarn I am knitting with.  I am used to knitting in a fine gauge, but this is the first time I have knit from lace yarn!

Hehe - this sweater will take forever!
Oh, and this sweater isn't the only thing that has been stealing my sewing time.  Knitting gifts for some wee-little ones has occupied a bit of my time as well:

The pink and orange hat is for my little niece, while the Packers hat is for my cousin's little boy.  It was quite delightful to knit something so precious.  (I can't wait to someday have my own little ones to knit things for . . . but don't worry, that is not any time too soon)

For more on Emma's hat, you can visit my ravelry page.

For more on Jake's hat, you can also visit ravelry.
Well, these are the things that I have been up to lately.  What's been keeping you occupied?  Have you been working on anything special?

Oh, and if anyone has any advice on fitting my 1930's jumper, please do share.  This is my first time working from a 1930's pattern and I'm a little unsure of myself.

Live in this moment and love life!


  1. Looking good!! I love the hats too! I should post my head warmers... because you did those too!! Where do you find the time? :)

  2. Thanks Cherie, you are the best. I was going to post about your head warmers, but I forgot to take a picture before I gave them to you. You will have to send me a picture.

  3. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about fitting a sweater but it looks nice so far. Have you tried posting for help on Ravelry? There's bound to be someone who's used a similar vintage pattern. Those little hats you made are just adorable!!

  4. Jennifer, you are brilliant! I never thought of posting my questions on ravlery, but that is the perfect place for it. There are even vintage groups and forums - so I can easily reach the right people.

  5. The hats are too cute. Isn't the lace weight yarn frustratingly slow? I've always wondered about that, and never been brave enough to try anything less than DK weight.

    I'm working on another little sweater dress for a friend's little girl who will be 2 March 1. It's so satisfying to make kid's stuff.

    1. Yes, lace weight yarn seems to take forever - the one saving grace of it is that with all of the yarn-overs it does go faster than sticking-knit stitch.

      I would love to see your little sweater dress. There are so many people around me having babies that I should start knitting a few more baby items - especially because of the instant gratification.