Wednesday, January 11, 2012

German Pattern Experiment: Day 2

Welcome back for my second installment of the German Pattern Experiment.  It was really exciting to see all of the positive responses on my first post!  Today I have for you a few scans of the images from the December issue - to give you a little idea of what is in store with my German Pattern Experiment.

The funny thing about this issue is that it is all sleep wear, lingerie and children's clothing.  I suppose the best way to face a cold winter is to lounge around all day in our sleep wear, or perhaps a silky teddy.  This is sure to catch hubby's attention, resulting in the need to sew up children's clothing . . .

Knickers, a bra and two nighties.  I like the attention to detail with the lace.

Night gowns, teddys and a pair of underwear that looks like bloomers.

I actually really like the pajama set with the pants and short sleeve shirt.  

I'm not quite sure what these patterns are all about.  The pants and vest look like a day outfit, but the one on the left with the black fabric and white polka-dots looks like pajamas gone wrong rather than something I would wear in public.

And here we have a house coat and robe.  I think the robe would be every elegant if made from a lovely silk.  The house coat however, screams mu-mu.

Don't forget about hubby, he needs sleep wear too!  Can you believe that men wore body suits back in the 30's?  I almost want to make it just to see if I can find someone who will wear it.  On second thought, that's a lot of work, with the possibility of no reward.

Ah yes, the children's clothing.  Save for the coat, these look more like spring time outfits rather than winter.

More stuff for the little ones.  I personally love the little sailor outfit - when I someday have children, I will subject them to cute little outfits like this.

That's all for the patterns in my December 1936 issue of the German pattern magazine.  What do you think - anything here that you would love to make up?  How about those men's patterns?  Is there a pattern here that you would like to see me made?  I'm feeling a little partial to the robe in the fourth scan.  But, I also like the idea of starting with something that uses a little less fabric.

Live in this moment and love life!


  1. Love that little short and cami set in the second scan. So comfy and feminine!

  2. Thank you for sharing the scans :) The magazines concept is all about clothing you wear around the house or at night and childrens clothing, not only in this issue. So the outfits in the 4th picture are also designed to be worn when you are at home (I´d definately wear the trousers and vest outfit in public any day, though ;)). And I just realized that the "childrens outfits" in your issue are clothes for dolls :)
    I scanned an issue of the same magazine from 1939, maybe you are interested to take a look?

  3. These are great! Love the scans!!

  4. Constantly Alice - I will do my best to include the short and cami set as a free PDF in the near (or distant future).

    Katrin - wow, thank you for the wealth of information of these German pattern magazines! I agree with you that the vest and trouser combo is something I would wear in public. I've been wanting to make a vest, so that one might be the one. Thanks for pointing out that the children's clothing is actually for dolls - I'll have to keep that in mind. The images on your blog were also great fun to look through.

    Debi - I'm glad you like these scans. I will do my best to have some of them made into PDFs as I know that is something you are interested in.

  5. I am in LOVE with the nightgowns in the second scan, these are So gorgeous!

  6. Hi Anna, I'm really liking those as well. Good news is there are few more like these in my May magazine, which I hope to scan in and post as well! I will try to turn the nightgowns into PDFs - or at least one of them.

  7. Oooh, i love the nightgown. I love your comment that that might result in sewing children's items!! those are darling too. Some of the men's pajamas are a little odd though.

    1. I wish it was still normal for women to wear nightgowns like these - I showed my husband and he said it looks like something his grandma wore :( So maybe not everything here will result in the need to sew up children's.

  8. I love the apron pattern #15100, would love to have it in PDF. Thanks so much for doing this, it is really an interesting project. I just love vintage clothes from the 20s & 30s, especially the lingerie!

    1. Thanks for sharing your input Jaytea! I am slowly working on converting these patterns into PDFs and I will surely keep your suggestions in mind. I'll be making some of the lingerie first, since they are smaller pieces.