Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Embarrassing Story for Your Entertainment

Ladies, let me share an embarrassing story with you.  Yes, I would like you to enjoy yourselves and have a good laugh at my expense . . . so here it goes.

Ever since being married to my dearest, I have quite enjoyed the idea of being sexy for my hubby.  Why not, right?  It's fun, plus he deserves it.  So, in the spirit of having fun I decided it would be a marvelous idea to hold up my stockings by wearing a pair of sexy little panties that have garter clip attachments on them.  No, I am not going tell you about a time when I tried to seduce my husband, rather I thought it would be fun to wear this all day - to work!

It is only recently that I have heard the term "bedroom lingerie."  Referring to lingerie that will hold it's purpose for a few minutes, 'cause that's all you need it for anyway.  Well, my little panties and their garter snaps fall into this category.  Which means my dear readers, that I went all day at work having the exact opposite problem of a wedgie.  Not only was I worried that I would find my stockings sitting around my ankles, there was the fear that my underwear would be there as well!  I work in a professional, conservative office - so as you can imagine, this was not a good combination.

Pin Up Corset Garter Belt from Anna's shop.
Looking back on it now, I can't help but laugh at myself.  But in that moment (all nine hours of them to be exact), I was not laughing.  I spent the day making frequent trips to the ladies' room hiking everything back up and in place.

Alas, I have found a solution to this problem!!!  (It deserves more exclamation points, but it just looked weird).  The lovely Anna (and she is quite lovely for a number of reasons) is teaming up with another blogger to host the Ooh La La Pin-Up Sew-Along.  As part of this sew-along, we will be making a functional garter belt.  Yes, please!

Pin-Up Bra Corselet from Anna's shop.
Should you be so inclined as to avoid an embarrassing story such as mine, I suggest you hop on over to Anna's blog (and I have made it so easy for you with this link) and let her know that you will be joining in.  Right now she's having a giveaway for the patterns we will be using in the sew along.  But if you don't win, no tears because her patterns are a very affordable $5.00 in her Etsy shop!

I'm in, are you?  Also, feel free to share any embarrassing stories of yourself in the comment section :)

Live in this moment and love life!



  1. Oh no! I'm glad you made it through the day intact!

    I don't wear stockings often and I've just invested in a 60's open bottom girdle so I'll pass on the garter belt but the bra is certainly calling my name

    1. I know, it was't the best decision on my part :) I hope your 60's style girdle works for you, sounds like a great investment.

  2. Oh no! What an uncomfortable day! I can relate a bit. When I was working a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to try a garter belt and stockings because they seemed more traditional. Unfortunately, I had apparently picked from the "bedroom" lingerie too - it survived my commute but then, the clips loosened? and the stockings kept trying to fall down. No fun.

    Now, that garter belt looks stable :-). I may just have to join the sew-along!

    1. I am so glad to know that I am not the only person who was completely unaware of bedroom lingerie! What a terrible marketing ploy. You must join in the sew along, it would be so much fun to have you as part of it. Perhaps it could even fit in with a sew weekly theme.

    2. I'm totally unaware of such things as well. hmmm .... point taken. I was a teacher when I worked so this would have been very awkward ... When goose was a baby I went off to teach my night class at the community college having nursed him before I went - but apparently forgot to button my blouse. Fortunately I was wearing a camisole underneath and also fortunately one of my nontraditional female students alerted me to my wardrobe malfunction before class actually started...

    3. Hehe, Caroline, it's probably better that you don't such a story. But you wardrobe malfunction did make me laugh, something to keep in mind for the future . . . not the near future, but definitely in the future.