Monday, May 7, 2012

MMM '12 Days 1 - 6

Oh my goodness!  I made it through the first six days of MMM '12.  I knew the first week being casual week would present a challenge, but I think I did pretty well.  Please excuse any tired eyes, most pictures were all taken around 6:30 a.m. (thanks hubby dearest for waking up early to help me out).

Day 1: Tuesday, May 1
I started the challenge with an outfit that I actually wear quite frequently.  It was the second day of month end (accounting terms here), which means a lot to do in a short amount of time.  I wanted to wear something comfortable that I wouldn't mind working a few extra hours in.

Jeans: Victoria's Secret (hand-me-ups from my sister)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor (a few years ago)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Nordstroms)

Day 2: Wednesday, May 2
Started out as another grey morning.  I wore my Floral Tea Blouse and paired it with some jeans for the first time.  I think it works quite nicely as a casual top under my aqua cardigan (which you will likely see a lot of in this challenge).  Before leaving for work, I checked on my plant that I started from seeds - look how well it is doing!

Floral Tea Blouse, paired with:
Jeans: Express (from my college days or shortly after)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (I absolutely love this and wear it all the time)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (same as yesterday)

Day 3: Thursday, May 3
Today was still casual day at work, but I left during the middle of the work day to attend my little sister's pinning ceremony.  (I'm so proud of her, she graduated this week with a B.S. in Nursing and she has worked really hard for it).  I asked my husband how I look before taking these photos and his response was "not casual".  Really dear?  It's okay 'cause he likes this dress - which by the way, I did not make.  But, I did make the slip that I am wearing underneath.  I originally made the slip to wear under my swing dress, but after wearing it with this dress, I've decided that I should find more dresses to wear in under.

Anne Adams Slip, hiding under:
Dress: White House Black Marker (Love this store, wish they used more color)
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Belt: White House Black Market (Yeah, they used color)

Day 4: Friday, May 4
Yeah, Friday!  I was starting to get concerned about what else I made that I could pair with some jeans to finish out casual week.  My Pendrell blouse made the cut, adding a sparkly belt and a some heels from Anthropologie.  Honestly, I hadn't worn the belt since I worked at J. Crew during college.  Something about having my picture taken every morning has made me much more conscientious of what I am wearing.  Also, I ironed this blouse, which I otherwise would not have :)

Mermaid Teal Pendrell, dressed down with:
Jeans: Banana Republic
Belt: J. Crew
Shoes: Anthropologie

Day 5, Saturday, May 5
To be honest, my plans were to spend the entire day lounging in my cami-knickers and possibly doing some sewing  or knitting since my hubby dearest was away for the fishing opener.  Well I got a call that there was a request for a house showing at noon, so that put the kibosh on those plans.  My day sorta went from bad to worse.  To make a long story short - I got soaking wet while walking 1.5 miles from the auto repair shop to the mall in the rain, when I finally got home I found that I was locked out of my house, I then waited about 45 minutes in the cold (remember I am still soaking wet) for my awesome realtor to let me in my house.  I had the best intentions of photographing myself looking like a wet rat in my Minoru, but wanted to change out of my wet clothes immediately.  Here is what they looked like after I took them off:

Minoru Jacket, dripping wet with
Jeans: Express
Tshirt: Martin & Osa
Tank: J. Crew

Day 6, Sunday May 6
I wore my circle skirt to church and then to brunch with my mother-in-law, mom and little sister.  I have to admit that I have't worn this skirt a whole lot since making it - I think it feels a bit costumey to me.  I'm not sure if that is because it is a full skirt that not a lot of people wear, or because I had a poodle skirt (circle skirt) costume when I was a kid.  In any case, I'm glad this challenge got me to wear this skirt and I hope to find more reasons to wear it.

Circle skirt, looking fancy with:
Blouse: Banana Republic
Shoes: Anthropologie

Please share your thoughts, constructive criticism or anything else!

Live in this moment and love life!


  1. I love your outfits, you look so pretty. I didn't see your circle skirt until now, somehow I missed it. It's beautiful! Love the color!

    1. You are so generous with your words. Thank you Gina.

  2. Too cute and you just have to love the term "hand-me-ups."

    1. Yes, I love "hand-me-ups", my little sister is much more of an avid shopper than I am - I haven't bought new jeans in years, but I have plenty of great pairs from her.

  3. Pictures at 6:30am!? My goodness! You certainly look more awake than I would.

    Your me-made pieces are so versatile! You did a great job dressing them down a bit for your casual work week. I love all the color!

    1. I know 6:30 is early, but I wanted to get them in before leaving for work. I love how this challenge has opened up the possibilities for my me-made items, normally I wouldn't have paired most of these tops with jeans. I'm glad you are a color lover too, life is more fun that way. Though I admit that this is probably the most colorful part of my me-made wardrobe.

      Thanks for always being so sweet with your compliments!

  4. Those are some lovely outfits! I think I like the Pendrell blouse best, such a pretty colour!

    1. Thaks Alessa! I was a bit unsure when I first bought the fabric, but I admit that I have fallen for it :)