Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Can't Get Enough of this Pattern

Back in January I shared some hats that I knit up for a niece and nephew.  While I admit that I much prefer knitting and sewing for myself, making something for a little one is truly the next best thing.  It is made so much more enjoyable when my hand-knit items are loved enough that I'm asked to make more!  So when Jake's parents exclaimed that little Jake had outgrown the hat I knit him last year, I decided he must have another.

I used the Pom-Pom Cap from Shescrafty, which is one of the best patterns.  And since I am quite a fan of little Jake I decided he needed not only one, but two new hats.  I made one it white that should get him through this winter and another in green that will fit him next year.  Of course they have been custom made to match his favorite football team (or the team his parent's claim he is a fan of).

While I was on a roll knitting up some hats for my little nephew, I decided to throw in a couple more for a United Way auction at hubby's office.  Every year they have a silent auction to raise money for the owner's favorite charity.  Last year hubby graciously donated my wine (I happened to be the highest bidder and won my wine back).  In an effort to conserve my wine, and not have to worry about being the highest bidder on it, I offered to knit up some baby hats.  This turned out to be a great idea as there were several babies born this summer to hubby's co-workers.

Do you knit or sew for others' (or your own) children?  What are your go-to patterns?  I am always looking for more ideas as so many people in my life are at the baby stage.

Live in this moment and love life!


  1. Oh these are so cute, well done! :)

    Sewing for others... I don't feel comfortable enough with my skill level to do that yet, in earnest :) I sewed my niece felt baby shoes and a blanket last Christmas but she lives so far away it's tough making clothes. My guy wants me to make him a shirt so I will have to attempt that at some point! lol

    1. Thanks Amanda! I love knitting these hats for little ones, I'm actually scrambling to knit up a few more as there are some babies due in November, December and January!

      It would be tough to sew for someone far away, though felt baby shoes and a blanket sound like wonderful gifts. My hubby once asked for a knitted sweater vest - then he noticed that it takes me about a year to knit myself a sweater so he just wen and bought one for himself. Oh well, maybe some day I will sew or knit for him.

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    1. Thanks Jennifer - you should see the kids that get them - they are even cuter ;)