Monday, July 14, 2014

Pretty Mommy | The Nautical Theme Continues

It is completely unintentional that so many of my outfits have revolved around a sort of nautical theme.  I picked up this skirt about a month ago at one of those consignment shops where they pay you for your clothes.  I don't typically shop at these kind of stores, but I was dropping off a few things that no longer fit into my mommy wardrobe and decided to have a look around while I waited.

The skirt is J. Crew from about eight years ago (so it sat in someone's closet for quite a while before they sold it).  I remember when J. Crew had this skirt, because it was right after I quit working there and I couldn't justify buying it without my employee discount.  Bonus, I now got it for much cheaper than my discount would have allowed.  (Plus I am smaller than I was in college, so I have a skirt that fits me now instead of eight years ago).  Can we talk about how fun this skirt is?  I just love the sandy border along the bottom of the skirt and the fun details of the people vacationing.  (Can you spot the water skiers?  There's no boat pulling them . . .)

I rarely accessorize my outfits, especially with jewelry - mostly because I have only ever bought myself one piece of jewelry in my life.  Yup, this necklace is it.  It usually comes out in the summer because of the tropical feel.  I remember when I used to wear it at work, I would get compliments followed by something along the lines of "but, you usually don't wear fun jewelry very often . . ." 

Attacked with baby kisses!
Have you ever shopped at an "upscale" consignment shop?  What's your take on them?



  1. That's a gorgeous skirt! We don't have those sort of stores in the UK but they sound like a good idea!

    1. I like them because I really don't have the patience to go through racks of clothes at a true thrift shop, but I can't justify dropping $80 for a simple cotton skirt like this at the mall. But I think these stores can encourage over-spend and materialism for some, because people can justify selling something after wearing once or twice (or never) and then just go shopping for more.