Thursday, August 21, 2014

What Gets Worn the Most?

Now that summer is nearing an end and fall is just around the corner, I thought I would take a critical look at my handmade wardrobe and see what truly gets worn.  Prior to mommy hood, all of my handmades got worn pretty frequently; however that is not the case any more.  By taking an honest look at what I wear the most, I want to know how to edit down my "to do" list to only items that will get a lot of wear.

There are two items that currently get worn all the time; my Renfrew top and shirt dress.  Renfrew gets worn a lot because I don't have many t-shirts, yet I often want to wear a t-shirt.  I love the cheery colors in the fabric and a basic t-shirt is a perfect mommy staple.  My shirt dress actually gets more wear than my Renfrew.  It was the first thing I wore out of the house after my daughter was born.  It got a lot of wear this past year because it was my only handmade dress that was nursing accessible.  I also love the nod to the 1950's from this classic style.

Then there are three items that get worn a lot, but not all the time.  I am including my Gabriola skirt here even though it was just made, it gets worn a lot (like I wore it to church two weeks in a row, plus during the week).  I love the way the rayon fabric feels against my skin, and the bright colors are my style.  My Alma blouse actually gets quite a bit of wear as well (though when I was still nursing during the day, I would wear it if I was going somewhere, then change as soon as I got home to make nursing easier).  My 1960's floral shift dress has always been a favorite.  This one gets worn when ever I need to dress up (though like my Alma blouse, it wasn't nursing friendly).

So what trends have I noticed with the things that truly get the most wear?  First, it has to be comfortable and easy to wear - which can be accomplished in fabrics other than knits.  Second, I really do love bright colors, and it seems that pink is a color that I wear a lot of.  Pink isn't necessarily my favorite color, but I do think it looks good on me, and I often find it to be associated with other bright colors.  Third, I like a good mix of dresses and separates - in my top five I have two dresses, two shirts and one skirt.

As I look to start planning a fall wardrobe, I am going to look for patterns that are casual and easy to wear.  I will also look for a mix of modern and vintage silhouettes and fabrics like cotton and rayon.

Have you taken a critical look at your hand made wardrobe before?  What trends do you notice?



  1. That looks like a great starting point and I'm so glad Gabriolla made the cut! I think you look fabulous in vibrant colours - they make you glow!

    1. Yes, Gabriola is totally on the list! I wore it this weekend and got compliments from complete strangers on the street. Thanks for the sweet compliments on the vibrant colors, I do love wearing them :)