Thursday, August 28, 2014

WIP: Wonder if I can Proceed?

Having my knitting needles all organized and looking so pretty in my new needle case, I've been wanting to pick up some knitting again.  Recently, I was able to make a few baby hats for some expecting friends, as well as a fall hat for my baby girl.  It's so nice to accomplish something before you face a more daunting task.  The daunting task I speak of is deciding what to do about my two knitting UFOs.

UFO numero uno is the 1950's sweater that I started as part of a knit along on ravelry.  I was making great progress, and even planned to have it completed by the deadline until work went crazy and I was too tired to even knit on the bus.  So with a finished front and almost finished back the sweater sits.

While I really like the pattern, and I love the yarn colors that I selected, but I can't decide if I should forge ahead and finish the project or frog it.  The reasons I don't want to keep knitting are:
  • I made this when I was still working in an office environment.  It was perfect for wearing with all of my high waisted pencil skirts.  Now I never wear high waisted pencil skirts, and this does not really go with my more casual "mommy" clothes.
  • While I have never had a lot of waist definition from having a more boyish figure, my post baby body has even less waist definition.  This sweater is made for that lovely 1950's hour glass figure, and I can see that it just won't suit me so well.
  • I started this as part of a knit along, because I love being part of a community.  The knit along has been over for a year and half now . . .

While these are all legitimate reason to begin unraveling, I can't get past the fact that I have already put so much work into this sweater!  Now that my free time is less than ever, I wonder if it's even possible to unravel this and start AND finish a new sweater from scratch.

My second UFO is the lovely Georgia by Jane Richmond.  This sweater was started when I needed something to do at 2 AM every morning.  Yes, you read that right, 2 AM.  The first four months of nursing, I used to get up in the middle of the night and pump for forty five minutes.  I have chronic low milk supply (it's a real thing), so this was one way to help make up for it.

Just so happens that my gauge at 2 AM is a bit tighter than my gauge during normal awake hours.  I guess I was focusing so hard on not focusing on how much that I was pumping, that I just pulled that yarn tighter and tighter.  I still have my original gauge swatch, prepared during the day, and the gauge on my sweater is much tighter than the gauge on my swatch.  This has resulted in a sweater that is too tiny.  Can blocking correct this?  I've never needed to change a sweater much through blocking.

Look at all that gaping where the buttons should close!  Not looking so good.
So my lovely readers, take a walk in my shoes (actually, I'm barefoot at the moment).  What would you do about these two wips?  Does it make sense to press on and finish?  Rip them out and start over?  Rip them out and start a completely new project?  I am not used to having UFOs, so this is actually very tough for me.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and because I cannot end my post with just negative feelings, I did complete something!  I made my mom a cowl just like the one I made my sister for Christmas last year.  My mom really liked it, and she has always been so supportive of my crafting hobbies that I thought it was about time she was the beneficiary of my work.  Here it is modeled by the best looking person in my house:

Ahh, her cuteness kills me!



  1. I would frog the plum colored one but finish the yellow. I think it's looking cute on you and could go with a pair of jeans. The cowl and your daughter are adorable!

    1. Hi Lynn! Thank you for your thoughts (and the compliments to my daughter). I think you are right, the cardigan needs to be frogged. You've also given me reason to consider finishing the yellow sweater - I honesty was planning to frog it, but you may have a point that it could still work well with jeans.

  2. I love that yellow top, but the armholes do look a bit low. Hiking up the top would mean it would be even shorter at the waist for you. :| If it works, I say stick with that one.

    As for the cute plum one, block it and see if you can get it to fit nicely. But be warned... you'll have to reblock it to shape after each washing to keep it fitting. If it doesn't block well, then I'd frog it.

    Happy knitting!

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Liz! The armhole are really low - I actually have them about an inch an a half higher than the pattern calls for (1950's dolman sleeves . . . ) It's funny that I'm getting comments to keep this sweater because I was totally going to frog it. Definitely rethinking my original plan now.

      I'm definitely not one to reblock my sweaters after each washing, that plum sweater might have to go. Though I may take your advice and block it once just to see how well it behaves.

  3. Definitely keep the yellow and finish it. It will look cute with casual clothes.
    The plum one might be more of a problem. It might be able to be blocked larger; talk to a professional before you go ahead to finish it. Try Needlework Unlimited; it is on 44th and Drew Avenue in Minneapolis.

    1. Thanks Linda, it seems the consensus is to keep the yellow sweater. I am definitely surprised to see everyone's thoughts on this. While it may be possible to block the plum sweater larger, Liz reminded me of a good point that I will need to block every time I wash it - which means that I better frog the sweater because I know I won't be blocking it each time I wash it.

  4. YES! Blocking fixes many things, I've discovered LOL. I'm FAR from being a perfect knitter, and my gauge changes constantly so I've learned I need to err on the small side because you can block bigger but not smaller, particularly in length. I've had to manually stretch out the length on my knitted arms a few times, let me tell you haha!! For what it's worth, I made the Georgia too and I love it to bits - it's a super versatile card, definitely finish it for sure :)

    1. You made Georgia? I must have missed it - off to search your blog and find your version :p