Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Favorite Part!

After creating my fall mood board and getting excited about creating a fall mini wardrobe, I began the process of figuring out the details (my favorite part)!  Since I haven't done a lot of sewing lately, I decide that I wanted all of the fabric and most of the patterns to come from my stash.  I don't have a huge fabric stash, but enough of one where I knew that my rule wouldn't be too limiting.

I keep a small swatch of all of my fabric because it is much easier to pull out the swatches when trying to decide what fabric I want to use.  I have always liked this method, but it really came in handy with making these plans.  I started by pulling out all of the fabric I owned that could even remotely tie into my mood board.  Here was the result:

Next, I went to my pattern stash and pulled out all of the patterns that I've been wanting to make, or that  I thought might be good for fall.  I did go out and buy one pattern (McCall's 6993).

Then, I decided that the floral rayon absolutely had to be used as it was the most representative of my mood board, and I love sewing with rayon.  I knew that I had about three yards of it, so it really could be used with just about any of the above patterns.  The fabric seemed perfect for Belcarra, the flowers may be a bit large scale, but I am willing to give it a try.

The next fabric that really caught my eye was the chocolate-rapsberry-oatmeal stripe knit.  I have absolutely no me-made items with long sleeves, so I decided that this must become a long-sleeved Renfrew.

With two bold patterned fabrics selected, and both destined for tops, I then selected three more fabrics that were more neutral.  The chocolate brown fabric is pretty much an exact match to the striped knit and the dark accents in the floral rayon.  The brown cotton or khaki cotton would both make a great Beignet, or McCalls 6891.  The red silk is left over from an Alma blouse that I made a while back.  I feel like I could squeeze a Beignet or Belcarra out of it - but need to have some very thoughtful piecing.

My last step was to narrow down my patterns.  I've chosen five patterns that will work well together: one dress, two skirts, and two tops.  I think both tops would pair well with both skirts depending on fabric choices - meaning I would have a mini wardrobe that could actually be worn together.

So while only two patterns have been matched with fabric, I have a nice collection of fabric that coordinates with one another and some patterns that I am looking forward to sewing with.  I am certain that as I start the sewing process, I will be able to identify the remaining fabric-pattern matches.

Do you have any tips on sewing a mini wardrobe?  How do you coordinate patterns and fabric?



  1. oh, that floral is amazing!! This looks very you and very cohesive! Can't wait to see it all come together!!

    1. I love the floral too, I have been wanting to use it for a while. I imagined it would be a dress (hence buying 3 yards), but Belcarra just seems the perfect pattern. Tasia is pretty good at coming up with patterns geared towards my rayon stash.

  2. That floral is so pretty! Sounds like you have a very well thought out sewing plan for a coordinating mini fall wardrobe. Happy Sewing!

    1. Thanks Alessa. I have never put so much planning into my sewing before, but I think that it will payoff :)