Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hazelnut Harvest Renfrew

It really feels like fall now, and just in time for fall I've got the first completed item from my fall sewing plans!  This is my Hazelnut Harvest Renfrew, named such because I finished it just in time to start harvesting the hazelnuts from our tree.

I seriously love this top.  I really need more long sleeves in my wardrobe, as I hardly have any RTW and absolutely no hand made clothing with long sleeves.  The fabric is from Girl Charlee, and there are still a few yards left.  It's a rayon and cotton blend, so there is a bit of drape and just the right amount of stretch.

I love how perfectly the stripes on the side seam lined up.  Can you see the seam?  How about that stripe matching on the front band as well?  Actually I think larger stripes like this (1" stripes) are pretty easy to mach up, but very gratifying nonetheless.  

I made this pattern with no adjustments as I didn't need to make any adjustments with my first Renfrew.  The sleeves are a tad long, but I kind of like them that way because I love to hide my fingers inside my sleeves on cooler days.  I haven't decided if I will shorten the sleeves on my next Renfrew, but it doesn't matter because that's not the next item on my sewing list anyway.

Have fall colors started where you live?  I simply adore this time of year and can't wait for the rest of the colors to appear.



  1. Oooh I love it. I've only made the 3/4 length sleeved Cambie, but I hope to make a long sleeved version soon. I prefer my sleeves long too - my hand are always cold.

    That's soo many hazelnuts! What will you do with them all? (I wish I had a hazelnut tree!) Guess who has made the most delicious hazelnut macarons?! heh

  2. Thanks Liz! I want to make the 3/4 length sleeve version too, Tasia is just amazing with her patterns :)

    Oh my goodness, we have even more hazelnuts than what's seen in these pictures. Except, someone just told me they might be hickory nuts instead. I have no idea, but they do look like hazelnuts to me. We're going to attempt to roast them - and then eat them. I bet your hazelnut macaroons are delicious. I have never had a macaroon, but I keep hearing about how goof they are. I suppose I will have to track down a source.

  3. I think it is a chestnut tree as in ". . .chestnuts roasting on an open fire. . ."
    Your Renfrew is lovely. At first, I did not even realize there was a side seam.
    Congrats on a job well done.

    1. I think you might be right about the chestnuts - I've never had chestnuts before, but I will this year! Thanks for the compliments - I've been wearing this top for the past few days, it is perfect for this time of year :)

  4. Wow! That's one gorgeous top! I love your whole outfit!

    1. Thanks Vicki! I branched out and bought my first pair of jeans in about 8 years. I've never had skinny jeans before, but they are actually more flattering and comfortable than I assumed. I actually feel trendy in this outfit, imagine that!