Thursday, January 8, 2015

Looking Back at 2014

Well happy new year every one!  I wanted to get this post up last week, but life was a little crazy - so here I am one week late with my 2014 round up.

I can't believe that I have enough to even blog about for 2014; six months into the year I had only completed two sewing projects - and only one of those was something to wear!  The next few months proved to be pretty slow as well, but by fall I was kicking out out garments almost as fast as I could plan them (and practically ignoring all household responsibilities in order to make it happen).

I have to admit that I feel a bit proud looking at all of my projects like this!  After having my baby, I really struggled finding the time to sew; I won't go into all of the details as to why - but seeing what I was able to accomplish has made me happy.  The best part is that I have a reason to love every single thing I made.  At least if I didn't produce high quantity, there is definitely high quality.  My fall projects were my favorite and not a week goes by where I don't wear at least one of those pieces, and usually it's more like three or four of them.

Making a cohesive wardrobe that allows for different looks really works.  I remember on Thanksgiving when I wore my brown shirtdress, paired with the tie belt and my Renfrew shirt underneath (as seen in this post), my sister asked me if it was a new dress.  I told her it was the same dress she saw me wearing just two weeks ago at our sister's baby shower (worn then with the green belt and high heals).  She told me it looked like a completely different dress styled this way!  Yes that compliment made my holiday, even more than the pumpkin pie.

Hat.   Cowl.  Sweater.   Hat.

And then, of course, there is the fact that I have someone else to make things for!  I think that the best part about sewing and knitting for my daughter is taking pictures afterwards.  She is so photogenic and fun to take pictures with.  (Am I aloud to brag like that?)  My favorite thing that I knit for her was the cardigan, I just love the colors on her.

I'm hoping to pick up progress on knitting and sewing now that the holidays are over.  December went by so fast that I haven't even started planning anything for 2015 yet!  I'm thinking that I definitely need to do another capsule wardrobe like I did this fall.  Other than that, no specific plans.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2015 and I am looking forward to spending more time with you here in this space.



  1. You have made some gorgeous pieces this year! Baby girl's (not that I can call her that for much longer, she's growing so fast!!) wardrobe is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings!!

    1. Thanks Vicki. I do need to find another name for my daughter here, for some reason I feel like I can't share her real name, but she outgrows so many of the nicknames that we give her . . . I'll come up with something. 2015 will be a good year :)