Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Believe in Woodsprites

Last week I mentioned that I have been preoccupied with some test knitting again.  Late in January, Heidi of Make Ready announced that she was looking for test knitters for her Woodsprite Hooded Coat.  I took one look at her sample knits and volunteered all of my free time.  You see, my daughter loves wearing sweatshirts all the time.  She loves hoods and pockets (mostly for storing animal crackers), also it's winter in MN so it's cold.  But I want her to wear more sweaters - so this project satisfies us both.  It's a sweater, but it's got the hood and the pockets.

Since my daughter has been pretty difficult to photograph as of late (it took a month and half to get her 18 month pictures - so they were actually 19 1/2 month pictures - and only 4 of them turned out) I thought I would compensate for the potentially bad photos by overdoing the woodsprite theme.  So I cut out a bunch of construction paper woodsprites or faeries and took my daughter on a woodsprite hunt.

To my amazement, we had a blast and the photos turned out much better than any other photos I have tried to take of her in the past two months.  (I especially love the photo below with her look of amazement).

I knit this sweater from Rowan Belle Organic Aran, which is a cotton wool blend that has been discontinued.  It's actually a great yarn, but it is a bit heavy because of the cotton, so this sweater could almost replace a jacket in the early spring or fall.  When I bought the yarn a year ago, I was intending to make something similar to this sweater - only I hadn't found the right pattern.  The fact that this pattern didn't show up until this year was perfect, because I prefer this type of sweater for my daughter now that she is a toddler, rather than a baby.

This is her "I'm so excited, I just spotted a woodsprite face"!
Seriously, I had way too fun much taking these pictures!  I've got pictures of my nephew in his first ever auntie photo shoot for next week's post.



  1. Your knitting is so immaculate, and who could ask for a better model - how adorable! :)

    1. Knitting is all about finding a great pattern - and there are so many amazing patterns that I keep coming across. My "model" is what motivates me to finish a project, I love taking her picture.