Thursday, March 26, 2015

Maternity Mood Board

I'm trying something a little different with my mood board this time.  Typically I have drawn inspiration from nature and the things happening outside - for Spring and Fall this is always so easy to do.  However, being in between seasons, and wanting my maternity wear to be somewhat trans-seasonal (is that a thing?), I decided to base my inspiration on some lovely outfits on pinterest.
Photo credit clockwise from center top: Child, Dress, Polkadot, Blazer, Stripes, Skirt

I actually love this mood board.  As you can see, there aren't any maternity outfits that I'm using for inspiration - more the color pallet.  I have always been a fan of navy and yellow together, and seeing some of these outfits on pinterest only depended that appreciation.  Adding a more graphic element like bold stripes and polka dots; loving it!  I also started seeing shades of green paired with navy, again using stripes, checks and polka dots.  The picture from the top right is probably the most "me" of all the outfits here, but I would love to incorporate elements from all of these pictures into a maternity wardrobe that is "me."

After spending more time than usual on pinterest to draw inspiration for this mood board and my maternity sewing, I found myself feeling more materialistic.  It's strange, but normally I don't put a lot of effort into how I look.  I own one purse until it falls apart, I don't really have a jewelry collection, I love my shoes - but don't have a lot of them, and my closet is pretty "thin."  After browsing so many amazing outfits, I find myself wanting more - more accessories, more clothes, more shoes.  Right now, I love the idea of feeling "put together" in an outfit.  Does this happen to anyone else after looking at pinterest?  I mean, can it really change your perspective on things, or am I just experiencing a shallow moment?  Would love your thoughts on my pinterest tangent!

I will be back next week with my actual sewing plans based off this mood board.  In the mean time, if anyone wants to share their favorite maternity sewing patterns, I'm listening.



  1. I really love the colour palette from your mood board, and the graphic stripes and spots really add interest. And I completely get what you mean about Pinterest - spending any amount of time on there makes me 'WANT ALL THE THINGS!'
    As for maternity sewing patterns, I recently wrote a post of suitable/potential patterns so please check it out if you like:

    So far I haven't actually made too many maternity things (I've been too tired or busy to sew unfortunately) but I have found my Washi dresses invaluable (and they still fit me and I'm now in the 3rd trimester) as well as Laurel dress which I made up in a ponte roma and kept to a lose fit.

    Can't wait to see your sewing plans! :)

    1. Thanks Suzanna, I enjoyed browsing through your blog and you shared some great ideas for maternity patterns.