Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mummy Mommy

I was really, really hoping to have some sewing time this past week but I got bogged down with the flu.  It was the worst!  My symptoms lasted nearly a week, and chasing after a toddler and wanting to throw up do not mix well.  Fortunately, I am now completely over the flu and feeling great.  I was going to post another baby test knit for you, but I've shared a lot of baby knitting on this blog recently, so I decided to mix it up a bit.  Since I didn't have a chance to squeeze in some sewing I thought I would share an older sewing project that never made it onto this blog.

I made this top two years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, it's the Megan Nielsen Maternity Wrap Top.  I love wearing this top because it's different from the things I've seen at the stores.  It's also really comfortable and easily grows with your body because you just wrap yards of fabric around yourself until you feel "covered", then you tie a knot.  I do feel a bit like a mummy, and it does take more work to get dressed than when I just throw on a t-shirt - but I like the way it looks.

Do you know what is most amazing to me?  These pictures were taken outside in the middle of March! Normally, I'm still freezing my fingers off even with mittens on this time of year.  We have had the most wonderful early Spring - I've had my windows open several times this month - and typically the furnace would still be going full blast.  Lovely weather = happy Mommy, happy Mommy = happy baby.  Life is good.  (Yay 22 weeks!)

In these pictures the color of the fabric didn't quite turn out as it is in real life.  It's still a bright salmon color, but not as neon as it appears in these photos.  The color is one of my favorites - as you can see it nearly matches my shoes!  I'm also wearing some maternity jeans, hand-me-ups from my younger sister.  I survived my last pregnancy without needing maternity pants because I carried really high, this time baby is sitting pretty low - so maternity pants are a necessity.  It's so nice to be able to "share" with my sister.  But alas, she had a winter baby and I'm having a summer baby - so I will need to start doing some sewing to survive the rest of this pregnancy.

What have you got on your sewing table?



  1. I love how it doesn't look like typical maternity wear; it's stylish but still allows you to have the coverage you need :) Great colour on you too! :)

    1. I do feel pretty stylish in this top! I do adore the color, I might need to start looking for more fabric in similar colors.