Thursday, April 2, 2015

Making Plans

While I am totally inspired by my mood board from last week, I have to admit that my one big problem is that I am more inspired to start sewing for my body after baby - not my pregnant body!  I look at my mood board and see cute fitted jackets, dresses with a waistline, and anything else made from woven fabrics.  Do you know what this means?  It means that you will likely see this mood board again, after I have the baby.  Yup, I love this mood board so much, that I can't limit myself to only using it on clothes that will be worn for the next four months.

Navy knit and floral print are from fabric stash.  Yellow and green are "place holders" of fabric that I hope to find to complete my sewing plans (they are really shirts I already own, just folded up)

Having some idea of the things I wanted to sew, I started by raiding my current fabric stash - which is really starting to dwindle on the "good stuff."  I mean, I still have a sizable stash, but it is unfortunately made up of a lot of wool - that I rarely sew with now.  However, I was able to find a navy knit that has a lot of stretch and great recovery (perfect for maternity sewing).  I also found a cotton/linen blend in a graphic white, yellow, black and grey floral.  It would have been perfect if that black was navy, but I'm working with what I've got.  Next up was a shopping trip to source more knits - hopefully in greens and yellows.  Shopping with a toddler in a warehouse type fabric store does not go over well, so I left empty handed.  What this means is that at the moment, I have only two fabrics that I can use, but I still have the intention to go shopping again - when I can get a babysitter ;)

Pressing on, I was able to select a few patterns from my stash that were designated maternity patterns.  I've also been thinking about using non-maternity patterns that could still be appropriate for my body.  Suzanna tipped me off to this idea when she left a comment on my last post about her maternity sewing plans.  Plus, I need a pattern for my woven fabric.

I've chosen Butterick 5860, I wanted to sew this up during my last pregnancy - but my work schedule got the best of me.  I think my navy knit fabric will be perfect for this.  I'm also going to use Megan Nielsen's Ruched Maternity Shirt, I sewed a version of this last time I was expecting and it got a lot of use so I might as well make another one.  Lastly, I thought that the wrap/cardigan thingy from Burdastyle 7239 would be great made up in a green knit as well as a yellow knit.

As I mentioned, I also wanted to explore using a non-maternity pattern, made for woven fabrics, that would be appropriate.  I've narrowed down Twinkle Sews Next Big Thing dress because it has an empire waist (with elastic) and is fairly flowy.  The only issue I have with this pattern, is there really isn't a way to make it nursing friendly.  So while I will be able to wear it after the baby, it may not be until I am done nursing.  Because nursing appropriate clothing is also important to me, I've been thinking about Burdastyle's Cap Sleeve Dress.  Yes, it was released with their Oktoberfest patterns - but I will not be making the accompanying apron.  Also, I will have to alter this dress to have the bodice made into an empire waist - but that should be a simple alteration.  The dress has a button front closure - so it will be great for nursing after the baby is here and the dirndl skirt will have ample room for my 9 month belly and is perfect for hiding my postpartum belly too.

Twinkle Sews Next Big Thing dress, Burdastyle Dress and line drawing, fabric selected.

Oh my, this was a wordy post!  Thank you for sticking with me if you made it all the way through!  I'm going to work really hard at making all of these things for myself because I have been doing a lot of unselfish knitting lately (including signing up for yet another test knit).  It's time to do something for me!



  1. Good for you - absolutely make yourself something gorgeous, you totally deserve it!! I was so tickled to see your Twinkle Sews dress in the plans - this was one of the first sewing books I ever bought and it was so beyond me when I first started that I've never made anything from it - I have always kept it in mind though, there are some amazing maxi dresses near the end that I'm still dying to make :)

    1. You have the Twinkle Sews books too? I love it, the designs are so unique - unlike anything the big 4 or the Indie pattern companies have been putting out. Even if I don't make anything with my baby bump, I hope to make something from the book in the future. I know the maxi dress you are talking about, and it is gorgeous!