Thursday, April 16, 2015

Top Gun

My nephew came over recently so we could complete the photo shoot for his new sweater.  (Haha, I take my test knitting very seriously and don't just take pictures, but create "photo shoots").  Anyway, all that meant was that I needed to create a theme for the pictures.  Since one of Grandpa's nick names for this little fella is Top Gun, I decided to play off that theme and complete the sweater with a little airplane button and add card stock airplanes as props for the pictures.

Gosh darn it, my nephew is a handsome one!  This sweater is another pattern from my favorite designer, Frogginette.  I simply adore Lisa's attention to detail when she creates a pattern, and the fit of her sweaters is always spot on.  The textured stitch at the hemline and on the sleeves adds so much to the sweater, yet it is so easy to do!  It makes me think that I should start finding ways to embellish my knitting with a little texture.  The shawl collar gives this sweater and "old man" vibe, while still being utterly adorable and modern.

I used some Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK from my stash for this sweater, and I just love how it knits up.  I don't love that it's a hand wash only yarn and my model spit up all over his sweater during the photo shoot, but some quick action with a damp towel suppressed most of the damage.  I also told my sister that she could bring the sweater to me when it needs to be washed if she didn't feel like dealing with it.

It's always a nice feeling when the baby's mother likes the item you spent hours lovingly knitting by hand. Luckily my sister, who is super picky about hand made clothing, really likes this sweater.  As I mentioned, she's my sister, so she would have had no problem telling me that she didn't like it if that were true.

I wish I could promise that I am done with showing off test knit items and baby projects for the time being, but I find them rather addicting.  There's currently another one in the works, and I am strongly considering volunteering for another one after that.  Not to mention, I've got a mental queue of a handful of things I would like to knit for my baby on the way.  Someday I would like to get back to knitting for myself again, but until then, I do hope you enjoy little hand knits too.



  1. Oh lord, isn't he gorgeous?! Your jumper is lovely too, but I'm afraid your very handsome nephew steals the show completely!!

    1. I know, this little guy is completely adorable! (Totally predicable when you see my sister and her husband though). I find that with baby patterns, the baby is always the one stealing the show ;)